The Time and Place box starts the booking process.  It allows you to quickly find an ACE location where you need to rent a vehicle, and to request the rental dates.

Begin the process by typing a few letters of the location's name into the first box.  When you type the third letter, a list will appear with all ACE locations that match the letters you have typed.  For example, if you type "san", you would see a list of locations such as this:

Please notice that "SAN" happens to be the airport code for San Diego California, so that entry appears first.  After that, you  find other airports that include the letters "san", followed by non-airport offices such as  Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Simply move your cursor down the list and select the desired office by pressing ENTER, or click the desired office with the mouse.

Once you have selected the pick-up location, enter the requested pick-up and return times.  Some locations support "drop offs", which you can indicate by selecting a different return location in the "To:" section.  

If you have a promotional code,  please type that into the box.  Proceed to the next step by clicking "CONTINUE".

If you have any troubles, please contact us.